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Toothache in Rockland County

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Causes of toothaches in Rockland County

Toothache in Rockland County
Toothache in Rockland County

Toothaches can be the result of a simple cavity or a filling that has come loose or fallen out; a chipped or cracked tooth, and an infection inside the tooth may also be the cause. At Rockland Endodontics, you can expect the expert and gentle care that we’re known for and for every attempt to be made to help you keep your natural tooth strong and viable.

The pain that you feel is because the inner tooth is exposed. That is where the nerve and pulp are located. Ordinarily, they are protected by the enamel and dentin, which act as barriers against the elements and against bacteria. It’s true that the longer you go on with your toothache in Rockland County without having it treated, the greater the opportunity for infection to take hold. That is why we urge you to not ignore pain in your tooth, even if it’s mild at the moment. Trying to wait out your toothache in Rockland County can lead to serious consequences that you might have otherwise avoided. In the event that your pulp is infected, your toothache could become more severe. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks is also typical. And you might also experience tooth discoloration or gum tenderness. The solution is root canal therapy, a specialty at our office. It it necessary to remove the infected pulp and nerve, and then to clean and disinfect the canals. Those canals will then be sealed as a preventive measure against future infection. It may take more than one session to complete the treatment, but you can be assured that it is comfortable, performed with advanced techniques and equipment under sufficient local anesthesia to keep you numb throughout.

When you have a toothache in Rockland County, contact us right away. We will have you seen promptly for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

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