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Tooth Pain Rockland County

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Causes of toothaches in Rockland County

Tooth pain Rockland County
Tooth pain Rockland County

Among the causes of toothaches can be a simple cavity or lost filling; but can also include reasons to come see us at Rockland Endodontics. You should never ignore a toothache, and just hope that it will go away. First, that is unlikely to happen. And second, something that can have the outcome of saving your natural tooth may end up with you losing the tooth if you put off getting necessary attention for tooth pain Rockland County.

Pain when you apply pressure to your tooth or chew using it can be a sign that you need root canal. What happens is that bacteria gets past your tooth’s protective barriers and causes an infection down in the pulp, near the nerve. A large cavity, deep filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth can lead to that happening. If your tooth pain Rockland County is because of this, root canal will address the infection. If you’re concerned about the potential for the procedure being painful, there is no need to be nervous. Advancements in both techniques and technology have resulted in most patients reporting very little or even no pain at all. Sometimes, a tooth that has already had root canal can be the cause of a toothache. This occurs due to root canal failure, which only happens in less than 10% of cases. But if so, your tooth pain Rockland County can be solved in many cases with endodontic re-treatment (re-doing the root canal). A cracked tooth, regardless of whether there is pulp damage, tends to cause a toothache. If your pulp is still healthy, a crown will be created to be placed on top of the tooth, strengthening and protecting it.

When you have tooth pain Rockland County, you should call our office to arrange an appointment. We will have you seen as quickly as possible.

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