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Tooth decay is serious business. Not only is it bad for your overall oral health, but it is also painful, especially when it affects the root of the tooth. When the root of a tooth becomes infected, it can often affect the nerve endings found at the base of the tooth, inflaming them and causing sharp pains. Here at Rockland Endodontics, our root canal specialist in Rockland County can provide you with the complete and comprehensive care that you need to restore your dental and oral health.

Root canal infections can sometimes share similar symptoms as cavities, but in cases where the nerve ending is involved the symptoms may appear more serious and may exhibit sharper pain. Typically some signs of a root canal infection include localized pain, toothaches, headaches, pain when applying or releasing pressure on your bite (which typically happens when you bite down or are chewing food), feel an increased sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages and you may also experience pain at the site of the infection when open air hits the area. Root canal infections are caused by tooth decay and should not be ignored. If such an infection were left untreated, the decay could easily spread to surrounding teeth, to your gums and even to your jawbone. Here at Rockland Endodontics, our root canal specialist in Rockland County can provide you with the root canal therapy that you need. Root canal therapy is a surgical procedure where the infected root pulp is safely removed. First, any inflamed tissue will be removed. Next the root pulp will be scooped out carefully. The remaining cavity left behind in the tooth will be cleaned and smoothed out before it is filled to prevent further infection. Depending on the amount of tooth matter removed to get rid of decay, you may need a dental crown or cap to restore the tooth completely following your treatment.

Our root canal specialist in Rockland County will provide you with a localized anesthetic prior to the procedure so as to ensure your complete comfort and ease. You may need to schedule subsequent visits for dental crowns or caps and to have our Endodontist examine your tooth to determine whether it is healing properly.

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