Rockland County root canal

Rockland County Root Canal

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What is a root canal in Rockland County

If you’ve ever suffered with a bad toothache, you have experienced one of the possible symptoms that lead to needing root canal therapy, a non-surgical procedure that is responsible for the removal of infected tissue so that your tooth can remain strong and viable. Here at Rockland Endodontics, we are pleased to keep our valued patients informed about exactly what this treatment entails and to debunk some common misconceptions about it.

Certainly, not all toothaches result in our Rockland County root canal, but all of them may do so, especially if they are not treated promptly. The inner part of your tooth contains the pulp and nerve, and it is securely protected by your enamel and dentin layers. When the barrier they form is breached by a cavity, a loose or lost filing, or a chipped or cracked tooth, a toothache typically occurs. And when bacteria gets inside and infects the pulp, that’s when you require our Rockland County root canal. Without out, the tooth would be lost and end up extracted. Instead, our endodontist begins by numbing you sufficiently with local anesthesia. Despite what some people think, root canal is not a painful experience, especially when performed by our specialist. Most patients tell us they have had little to no discomfort at all after the procedure is done. The pulp and nerve are removed, the canals are cleaned and disinfected, and the canals are sealed. The entire process may take one or more sessions, after which there is a period of healing. The final step is to have a dental crown cemented to the tooth, which will restore it to its full size and function once more.

Don’t take unnecessary chances with your oral health. Schedule an appointment with our office to determine if you can benefit from our Rockland County root canal.

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