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Missing teeth are not always a product of physical injury, but in the cases of tooth avulsion dental loss can be both sudden and painful. However, this does not mean that your smile is without hope. If you have lost a tooth due to trauma, it is absolutely vital that you visit your local Rockland County root canal dentist as soon as possible. Smiles which have lost a tooth due to physical trauma do not need implants, but in fact can be restored with your own natural tooth if located and treated properly. For the advanced care you need to regain your perfect smile, be sure to handle your teeth properly and visit the experts at the state of the art practice of Rockland Endodontics.

Emergency Dental Care Rockland County

Emergency Dental Care Rockland County

Tooth avulsion is defined simple as any tooth which has become completely dislodged from its placement within your alveolar bone as a result of severe physical trauma. For adults who have suffered from tooth avulsion, permanent teeth can be replanted with immediate emergency oral health care. Once the tooth has been located, patients should take care to avoid touching the roots of the tooth and wash it if it has left the mouth completely for only under ten seconds under cold running water. The patient should then reposition the tooth inside the socket if possible, biting down on a piece of fabric in order to keep the tooth in position. If replacement is not possible, the tooth should be stored in a glass of milk, or between the molars and the inside of the cheek. An avulsed tooth should never be stored in water. Avulsed teeth that have been cared for in this manner can be replanted with an immediate appointment to your professional Rockland County root canal dentist. Emergency treatment for avulsed teeth varies from patient to patient, depending on the level of injury as well as the manner in which the tooth was handled immediately after the injury took place. Treatment can include repairs to the alveolar socket if needed, as well as suturing and lacerations which have occurred to the gingival tissues. Once replanted, patients will return to their oral surgeon within seven to ten days for specialized root canal therapy to insure your tooth is returned to perfect health.

For the very best in specialized treatment of tooth avulsion, be sure to immediately visit the advanced care facilities at your neighborhood Rockland County root canal dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at Rockland Endodontics specialize in the treatment and care needed for diseases and injuries to the roots of your teeth, with state of the art technology specifically to save your natural teeth. With a hasty visit to the Rockland Endodontics, your avulsed teeth can be successfully replanted into your smile.

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