Rockland County emergency dentist

Rockland County Emergency Dentist

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Saving cracked or fractured teeth in Rockland County

The key to saving cracked or fractured teeth is to treat them as quickly as possible. And here at Rockland Endodontics, we are the specialists to come to. X-rays and an examination of the tooth in question will lead to an evaluation and the identification of the most appropriate treatment, which is administered with a sense of urgency.

The biggest challenge with some cracked or fractured teeth is that you are either not aware that it has occurred, or you cannot zero in on which particular tooth it is. But there are symptoms that you should be alert for, because they will indicate that you should see our Rockland County emergency dentist. A toothache is a sure giveaway, and you may also have sharp pain when chewing. Sensitivity to foods and drinks that are either hot or cold is another sign. The tooth may be irritated, inflamed, or even infected. Just because you aren’t sure which tooth is at fault does not mean you should ignore the problem. On the contrary, it’s even more vital to get expert attention. Our Rockland County emergency dentist will determine which tooth is giving you difficulties, and make a determination about the way to address it. If there is no pulp damage or infection, you may only need to have a crown made to cover the tooth and keep it protected and safe from harm. Otherwise, the solution is to have root canal therapy. Thanks to modern techniques and advanced equipment, the procedure, which is non-surgical, is safe, effective (90% success rate), and gentle. Most patients report no discomfort at all or just a little. You’ll be under local anesthesia, of course.

Be sure to call our office immediately, so that we can get you in to be seen by our Rockland County emergency dentist at the earliest possible opportunity.

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