Rockland avulsed tooth

Rockland Avulsed Tooth

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Treating avulsed teeth in Rockland

Rockland avulsed tooth
Rockland avulsed tooth

If you have an injury where a tooth is completely knocked out of your mouth, you will definitely want to contact us at Rockland Endodontics. At our endodontic practice, our two top-notch endodontists, Dr. Garry L. Bey and Dr. Monica Juneja, are experts in treating a Rockland avulsed tooth.

When a tooth is actually knocked out of your mouth, it is said that you have an avulsed tooth. This can occur during an auto accident, during sports participation, or simply as some type of mishap during your day. Of course, no one expects this to ever happen, but should it occur, it is important that you know that time is of the essence. The sooner the Rockland avulsed tooth is reinserted into your mouth, the more likely it is that the tooth can be saved. If this occurs, always try to find the tooth and bring it with you to our office. Call us for an immediate appointment, and our office staff will give you precise instructions on how to safely transport the tooth. If possible, you will want to try to re-insert the tooth into the tooth’s socket. When you pick up the tooth, always handle it by the enamel portion, and not by the roots. If the tooth cannot be reinserted into your mouth, you can put the tooth into milk or a glass of water. Adding a bit of salt to the water is helpful. Our doctor will try to reinsert the tooth. At some point, you will probably need to have root canal therapy. The shorter the time that the tooth was out of your mouth, and the way the tooth was transported to our office, may play a large role in whether or not the tooth can be saved.

If you or a family member has a Rockland avulsed tooth, be sure to carefully retrieve the tooth and then contact our office immediately.

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