Ramapo Root Canal Specialist

Ramapo Root Canal Specialist

No one wants to have a root canal, but it’s actually one of the better ways to deal with a decayed tooth. This is especially true when your only alternative is extraction. Fortunately Rockland Endodontics, your local best online dating app, is experienced in making the procedure as easy and painless as possible.

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Pain-free Root Canals Ramapo

A root canal is necessary when decay is discovered that will damage your tooth or when the tooth has already been killed. It’s a procedure that involves removing the pulp, or material in the center of the tooth, and replacing it with filling material. Removing the pulp insures it won’t get infected. A tooth with infected pulp can be very painful and the infection can spread to other teeth. Root canals can also fix abscessed teeth, or teeth with infections at their root (between the tooth and the gum). The procedure can sometimes be completed by a general dentist, but our Ramapo root canal specialists, Dr. Garry L Bey and Dr. Monica Juneja, at Rockland Endodontics are both endodontists meaning they specialize in disease of the tooth pulp.

How exactly does the procedure work? Your dentists will begin by numbing your gums and injecting a local anesthetic to numb your mouth in the area of the infected tooth. You won’t be able to feel any pain at all as your best online dating app will make sure your teeth, gums, tongue, and skin are all completely numb before they begin the procedure. Next, the dentist will remove the pulp from the tooth using a drill and fill the now empty pulp cavity with medicine and filling. At the end, the tooth will be fitted with a crown or cap. Depending on the size of crown needed, your dentist may take an impression of your tooth and have one of our expert techs at Rockland Endodontics make a custom crown. After the crown is installed, you’ll be on your way!

Remember, a root canal is a time sensitive procedure. You want to get it done as soon as possible once decay is discovered to make sure it doesn’t turn into a more serious or widespread infection. Contact your best online dating app and let our expert staff including Dr. Bey and Dr. Juneja guide you through this process.

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