Painless Root Canal Pearl River

Painless Root Canal Pearl River

Dental patients tend to shy away from the words “root canal,” associating endodontic therapy with oral pain, anxiety, and fear. But by learning about the root canal procedure, which is performed daily at Rockland Endodontics, you may begin to understand that root canals are a successful tool to restore the health to diseased or decayed teeth.

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Gentle Root Canal Therapy Rockland

Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses onĀ  the tissue surrounding the tooth and the tooth pulp. When a tooth is traumatically injured, fractured, or decayed, endodontic treatment is required to remove the dead and infected tissue and replace it with a dental filler to prevent re-infection and to keep the tooth from dying. Many people believe that root canals are painful procedures, but removing the damaged portion of the tooth is done under anesthesia and will not cause any discomfort. In fact, root canals are only painful before you seek treatment with an endodontist. Most root canals take two to three visits to Rockland Endodontics, however, in some cases, our Pearl River root canal specialists may be able to perform the procedure in one simple visit.

In short, root canals are extremely effective treatment and are sometimes the only way to remove a bacterial infection from a tooth. It’s important to remember that an infected tooth will not heal on its own, so receiving a root canal from Rockland Endodontics will not only restore your tooth to its healthy state, but will alleviate the toothache-symptoms that are commonly associated with a root canal.

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