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Dislodged or avulsed teeth should be treated as an emergency. Rockland Endodontics wants you to know the right thing to do if one of your teeth comes free from or is ripped from its socket so that you can waste no time in addressing it. Quick action can mean the difference between losing your teeth or saving them. Our Old Tappan endodontist may be able to reattach the tooth to its socket or perform root canal therapy to allow you to keep it.

Dislodged Teeth Old Tappan

Dislodged Teeth Old Tappan

There are a variety of ways that your tooth can become dislodged or avulsed, including car accidents, falls, being struck, or traumatic facial injuries. Regardless of how it occurs, once any possible life threatening concerns are taken care of, you should immediately call our office to schedule an urgent appointment with our Old Tappan endodontist. In the meantime, there are some things that you should do to increase the chances of saving your tooth and in addressing any pain you could be feeling. First, if the tooth is only dislodged, try to put it back into its socket. If you cannot, keep the tooth moist by putting it into a container with milk or you can use water and just a pinch of salt. An avulsed tooth typically requires immediate root canal treatment if it is determined that the tooth can be saved. Over the counter pain relievers can be taken or an ice pack applied to the effected area for pain management.

Our Old Tappan endodontist will clean the socket and the surrounding area and then attempt to get the tooth back into its proper place. If there has been no damage to the tooth’s pulp, you may not need any further treatment. Sometimes, an orthodontic wire bracket or a plastic splint is needed to keep the tooth in place during the healing process. Damage to either the pulp or the nerve will usually require root canal therapy. This will help to avoid an infection or discoloration to the tooth. Ordinarily, root canal treatment cannot be performed immediately. Medication such as calcium hydroxide is often utilized in the interim until the procedure can be done.

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