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Are you suffering from oral pain that is accompanied by a permanent bad taste in your mouth? If you are living with an ache inside your mouth that grows worse upon being introduced to hot or cold foods and drinks, you should be sure to pay a visit to your local Old Tappan endodontist as soon as possible for a swift diagnosis and comprehensive care. Any oral pain, be it mild or severe, that persist inside the mouth for over a week is more than just an annoyance, but is in fact a symptom of a serious problem requiring immediate attention. For an accurate diagnosis and the best care possible for aching teeth and gums, visit the state of the art offices of Rockland Endodontics.

Old Tappan Root Canals

Old Tappan Root Canals

A root canal infection occurs when the inner chamber of your tooth which houses the sensitive pulp and nerve endings becomes infected. This type of infection is more common than most of us realize. While root canal infections can be caused by a crack or chip in the surface of our teeth creating a nick in the armor of our dentin for bacteria to pass through, in most cases a root canal infection occurs when the dentin of the tooth has become weakened and worn through the simple process of tooth decay. A root canal infection is caused by the bacteria that exist naturally in our mouth, but have often risen in these cases to dangerously high numbers due improper oral health care. A root canal infection occurs deep below the surface, and as such should be handled by your trusted Old Tappan endodontist.

Root canal infections cause far more than just oral pain. Symptoms of a root canal infection include sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that persists even after the offending substance has been removed, halitosis or a permanent bad taste in your mouth, persistent bad breath, a darkening or otherwise discolored area of tissue at the site of your pain, swollen or irritated gums around the area of your pain, as well as pimple on the lining of your gums that continues to persist despite efforts to remove it. A root canal infection is not a matter for general dentistry, but one for your professional Old Tappan endodontist, whose specialized knowledge and expertise on all matters of the root canals and all other areas deep below the surface of your teeth can provide an immediate diagnosis and the swift treatment your mouth needs to be returned to perfect health. At the state of the art offices of Rockland Endodontics our fully licensed and professionally trained team work one on one with our patients for personalized care you can count on to put an end to painful root canal infections.

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