Emergency Dentist in Nanuet

Cracked teeth in Nanuet

Emergency dentist in Nanuet

Emergency dentist in Nanuet

If you suddenly develop a cracked tooth, you will need to see an emergency dentist. If bacteria enters the tooth through the crack, you can end up with a serious tooth infection. Prompt treatment of a cracked tooth by our emergency dentist in Nanuet will help to prevent a serious tooth problem from occurring.

Our endodontic practice is Rockland Endodontics. At our practice we have two highly trained and expert endodontists. They are: Dr. Garry L. Bey and Dr. Monica Juneja. Our practice is limited to endodontics. Endodontics is the dental practice that specializes in saving your natural teeth. When you have a cracked tooth, this is an endodontic tooth emergency. Our emergency dentist in Nanuet is very adept at treating cracked teeth and other dental emergencies at our practice. When you have a long-existing cracked tooth you may experience several different symptoms. Sometimes you may have erratic pain while chewing. This pain may occur when the biting pressure is released or when your tooth is exposed to extreme hot or cold. Often with cracked teeth the pain will come and go. When you chew on a cracked tooth, the cracked pieces of your tooth can move and the pulp may become irritated. Sometimes when the biting pressure is released, the crack will quickly close and cause sharp pain. When a cracked tooth is in existence for a while, the pulp will become damaged and the tooth will develop consistent pain, even when no chewing is taking place. If a crack goes on untreated the pulp tissue can become infected. This infection can even spread to the bone and gums surrounding the cracked tooth.

The sooner the cracked tooth is treated the better off you will be. It is very important that the tooth is treated as soon as possible so that bacteria will not be able to enter the tooth and cause infection. The type of treatment that is performed on a cracked tooth depends totally on the amount of damage that was caused to the tooth, how long it is estimated that the crack existed, and the condition of the tooth. Our endodontist will need to closely examine the situation and let you know which the best way to proceed is. If you suddenly develop a cracked tooth, our dentist will hopefully be able to work you into the schedule; simply contact our office to let them know that you have a tooth emergency and need to see our emergency dentist. Our emergency dentist in Nanuet is also able to address other emergency teeth situations including emergency root canals; treatment of knocked out teeth; and other emergency tooth problems.

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