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Dislodged Teeth Rockland County

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Endodontist in Rockland County

Dislodged teeth Rockland County
Dislodged teeth Rockland County

Here at Rockland Endodontics, we offer an array of vital services that will rescue infected or damaged teeth. When a tooth comes loose from its socket, we offer safe, effective treatment that will provide you with the best chance of keeping the tooth.

Dislodged teeth in Rockland County can occur due to the results of an injury or accident. And while not as severe as when a tooth becomes avulsed, meaning it has been knocked completely out of the socket, it is still an urgent matter. The odds of the tooth being saved lessen if you don’t come in promptly to have it assessed and treated. It is also important that you try to push the tooth back into its socket if possible before you get to our office. Our endodontist will evaluate the situation and may take x-rays as part of the diagnostic process. The tooth may need to be repositioned and stabilized. Root canal treatment, if required, will take place within a few weeks of the time the injury occurred. In the meantime, though, medication will be placed inside the tooth. Typically, calcium hydroxide is used for this, though it can depend on the circumstances. The determination of whether root canal treatment is necessary will depend on whether any damage or infection has occurred to the pulp of your tooth, which is located down near its base, by the nerve. If there is no harm to the pulp, our treatment for dislodged teeth in Rockland County will focus on just the secure placement of the tooth back in its normal position.

It is essential to be seen by our endodontist whenever you have dislodged teeth in Rockland County. Regardless of whether or not the treatment you require is simple or more involved, trauma to your mouth should not be ignored. Call us to schedule an appointment. For urgent matters, we make it a priority to have you come in as soon as possible.

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