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Cracked Teeth in Pearl River New York

Dentist in Pearl River New York
Dentist in Pearl River New York

At our endodontic practice, Rockland Endodontics, our goal is always to try to save the tooth. When you have a serious tooth problem, our two endodontists, Dr. Garry L. Bey and Dr. Monica Juneja, can help save your tooth by treating you for for whatever tooth problem you may have – including a cracked tooth. Our dentist in Pearl River New York uses state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern procedures to ensure the very best results for our patients.

Teeth can be prone to cracking, especially as people age. Teeth are particularly likely to crack if the patient often clenches and grinds his or her teeth. It is also bad for your teeth if you chew on hard substances such as ice. This can cause both cracks and fractures to develop in teeth. Unfortunately, if you have a tooth crack or fracture, it will not show up on an x-ray. If the outer part of the tooth is cracked, when the patient chews this can cause movement of the cracked pieces, and the pulp in the interior of the tooth will become irritated. In time, the damaged tooth will begin to hurt, due to the damaged pulp in the interior. At this point the tooth will need to have a root canal procedure in order to be saved. At our endodontic practice our dentist in Pearl River New York specializes in root canal treatment for cracked teeth. During a root canal treatment, all injured pulp is removed from the tooth and the root canal and tooth are thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Luckily, root canal procedures are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. The sooner a root canal procedure is performed, the more likely it is to be successful. So at the earliest sign of tooth pain, we hope you will contact our dentist so that the cause of your tooth pain can be determined and treated.

For an appointment to see our dentist in Pearl River New York for endodontic care, contact us at the first sign of tooth pain.

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