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Are you suffering from an ache in your smile so severe that if often wakes you in the night? Toothaches are more than just annoyance in your smile, but is in fact a warning sign from your mouth indicating a serious oral health problem beginning to take root in your mouth. Pain killers do not work to treat the source of problem, but rather only work to mask one symptom for a short period of time before it flares up once again. The only way to truly stop the agony of a toothache once and for all is through professional treatment from your local Chestnut Ridge root canals experts at the specialized practice of Rockland Endodontics.

Toothaches Chestnut Ridge

Toothaches Chestnut Ridge

Root canal therapy is a commonly practice procedure today that works to end the suffering of root canal infection by targeting your problem at the source of the pain, rather than working to simply mask the symptoms. However, while this treatment is very common, it can also be performed incorrectly if attempted by anyone less than an expert in endodontics. While general dentists are experts at problems located in the dentin or the surface of the teeth, the system of inner-workings that exists below the surface of the teeth are an area of treatment known as endodontics, and as such should be left to experts who are thoroughly trained in this specialized field of study. The root canal is the inner pocket below the surface of each tooth which contains the sensitive nerve endings and pulp of your teeth. This area leads to the root ends of the tooth which work to hold your tooth firmly in place with your jaw bone. A root canal infection occurs when bacteria enters this pocket due to a weak spot or injury of the dentin, which occurs from a crack or chip or simple tooth decay wearing away at the surface over time. Symptoms of a root canal infection include mild to severe oral pain, a darkened area around the site, bad breath, a permanent bad taste in your mouth, and is often accompanied by swollen gum lines. When this happens the root canal must be treated by your professional Chestnut Ridge root canals experts as soon as possible.

When it comes to the complex needs of a root canal infection, trust no one less than the experts in Chestnut Ridge root canals to get the job done right the first time. Our fully licensed and professionally trained endodontists utilize only the most advanced technology with a gentle and personalized care to insure every last trace of infection is properly eradicated. With a course of root canal therapy from Rockland Endodontics your smile can be restored to perfect and painless health once more.

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