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Your mouth is an extremely delicate part of the body and it is extremely important to make sure that your gums as well as your teeth and their supporting structures are healthy. Any complications can cause severe pain, damage, and make it difficult to complete necessary everyday tasks like eating or speaking. Here at Rockland Endodontics, our denists Dr. Gary L. Bey, DDS and Dr. Monica Juneja, DDS, are here to address any dental concerns you and your family may have. Aside from regular checkups and biannual dental cleanings, our Chestnut Ridge endodontists are here to help you address any symptoms you may suffer from between visits.

Oral Pain 10965

Oral Pain 10965

While regular dental visits help monitor your dental and oral health, it is vital that you make an appointment with one of our Chestnut Ridge endodontists as soon as you feel any sudden or unusual symptoms. If you are experiencing erratic pain when chewing or biting down or aching when you eat or drink relatively hot or considerably cool foods, then you may be suffering from a chipped tooth.

Sometimes a chipped tooth can occur due to an injury but it can also occur while eating something particularly hard or in any other way that is not as obvious. No matter what the cause, it is important that you make an appointment to see either Dr. Bey or Dr. Juneja right away. A chipped tooth can not only cause severe pain and discomfort, but can irritate the pulp of the affected tooth and even lead to serious infection of the pulp tissue, even spreading to the jaw and the gums. As soon as you sustain an injury that you believe may have created a chipped tooth or experience any of the symptoms, make an appointment with us here at Rockland Endodontists. Our Chestnut Ridge endodontists are here to provide the comprehensive and thorough care you and your mouth need.

Don’t let symptoms get worse. Make an appointment at the first sign of any discomfort. Even if you do not have a chipped tooth, treating the ailment properly will help save your natural teeth and will relieve you of any and all discomfort. Here at Rockland Endodontics, our dentists know just how important it is that you receive the care you desire and deserve. Our Chestnut Ridge endodontists are here to help save your teeth and your smile.

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