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Has your child suffered an injury or trauma to the face or jaw that has resulted in an injury to their young teeth? Your son or daughter’s permanent or adult teeth may need special attention if they are not yet fully developed. Teeth which are still in the process of growing can become easily harmed in injury, resulting in teeth that could be lost without immediate. If your child is coping with a loose adult tooth from a sports incident or other physical accident, be sure to visit your local Bardonia root canal specialist as soon as possible. Our pedodontist experts at the state of the art practice of Rockland Endodontics utilize the latest methods in apexification to save young teeth and insure beautiful smiles into adulthood.

Apexification Rockland County

Apexification Rockland County

When a child’s adult teeth are still growing, the tooth has not yet completely erupted into its permanent place. While this may appear to be the growth of the tooth on the surface as it pushes forward, it is actually the roots of the tooth that have yet to finish growing. Tooth roots are fairly fragile in this stage, as they have yet to stop growing and allowing for the bone of the jaw to form a perfect bond to. When an injury occurs to the face or jaw of a young child with adult teeth that are still in development, this can easily result in an injury to tooth roots as the tooth collides with a brute force, causing the tooth to become loose. The young tooth can easily be lost without immediate care from your trusted Bardonia root canal specialist.

Apexification works by removing the unhealthy and permanently injured pulp tissue that exists inside the root canal, and replacing it with medication that works to encourage hard tissue to grow on the apex or root tip, the vital region which must create a firm bond to the mouth in order to stay in place. The hard tissue will create a barrier for the remainder of the procedure to be based around, allowing for a firm bond and increased in the odds of successful tooth restoration. A full procedure includes a permanent root canal filling. The affected tooth is treated by your professional Bardonia root canal specialist with calcium hydroxide multiple times over a period of several months or an MTA paste depending on the severity of the injury.

Injuries to incomplete tooth roots is a dental emergency, and should be treated by your neighborhood Bardonia root canal specialist as soon as possible. An early appointment can make all of the difference in successful restoration. At the state of the art oral emergency center of Rockland Endodontics your chid will receive attentive and professional care that can save their young teeth for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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